EAJC General Assembly finishes work in Ramat Gan
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                  EAJC General Assembly finishes work in Ramat Gan

                  Aaron Frenkel, Chairman of the EAJC Governing Board

                  EAJC General Assembly finishes work in Ramat Gan

                  28.07.2017, Congress

                  On July 25, the Extraordinary General Assembly (EGA) of the Euro-Asian Jewish Congress finished its work in Ramat Gan (Israel).

                  New EAJC First Vice Presidents have been approved: Temur ben Yehuda, German Zakharyaev, Rami Levi, and David Jacobashvili. New EAJC Vice Presidents have been elected: Alexandr Bilinkis, Emmanuil Grinshpun, Alexander (Aaron) Levin, Itzik Michaeli, Maxim Pasik, Mark Shabat, Aleksandr Shenkman, Merab Elashvili.

                  In accordance with the new Charter, the delegates elected members of the new Congress Governing Board. Aaron Frenkel, a known entrepreneur actively involved in Jewish projects, particularly in former Soviet and Eastern European countries, was elected to the position of Governing Board Chairman.

                  An Executive Committee was created to take on the executive duties of running the Congress. The EAJC has also approved the creation of new governing bodies: Strategic Council, International Committee and Program Committee.  The Strategic Council is headed by Michael Chlenov, the Program Committee by Josef Zissels. Acting Chairan of the International Committee is Haim Ben Yakov. A full staff list of the new EAJC governing bodies will soon be published on the EAJC website.

                  The EAJC EGA also approved several resolutions on current social and political matters: “On the Situation Concerning Temple Mount in Old Jerusalem”; “On the Anti-Israel Stance of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)” and “On the Problem of Antisemitism in the Modern World”. The text of resolutions will also soon be published on the website.