Middle East Peace Process tops discussion at EU Foreign Ministers informal meeting
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                  Middle East Peace Process tops discussion at EU Foreign Ministers informal meeting

                  Middle East Peace Process tops discussion at EU Foreign Ministers informal meeting

                  08.09.2017, Israel and the World

                  ‘’Our belief is that there is no alternative to the two-state solution,’’ EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini told reporters following an informal meeting of the 28 EU Foreign Ministers in Tallinn, Estonia, the country which currently holds the EU presidency.

                  The Middle East Peace Process was one of the main topics of discussion.

                  She added: ‘’As our Arab friends and as the rest of the international community, we are convinced that it would simply be impossible for the parties to agree on any alternative than the two states. We do not see the parties possibly agreeing on a one-state solution or a zero-state solution, or a three-state solution, or a six-state solution,’’ she added.

                  ‘’The European Union is dedicating enormous political and also financial resources to try to solve this crisis with the political horizon of two states living side-by-side in peace and security,’’ she said. ‘’As the UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres who mentioned just a few weeks ago visiting the region, ‘’we don’t see any alternative or any plan B to the creation of two states there.’’ ‘’It is simply not realistic,’’ Mogherini said.

                  ‘’It is clear that the conflict solution is not easy, still it is a necessity because it's potentially a ticking bomb, a security issue for the entire region,’’ she added.

                  She welcomed the engagement and the commitments of the U.S. administration on this issue and stressed that the EU is ready to work together with the US.

                  ‘’What we expect from the United States is to stay committed, to stay engaged, to work with the rest of the international community through the Quartet and other means, in particular in relation with our Arab friends, to help the parties find a solution.’’

                  Speaking during the informal meeting, Irish Foreign Minister Simon Coveney insisted that the EU must its voice heard in any new U.S. initiative as the Palestinians’ biggest aid donor and Israel’s top trade partner, Reuters reported.

                  Coveney said EU governments had to pull together and keep the focus on a two-state solution. “Now is the time for the European Union to become more vocal,” said Coveney, who met Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas during a visit in Jerusalem and Ramallah in July.