Fourth New Yeshiva Opens in Moscow
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                  Fourth New Yeshiva Opens in Moscow

                  Fourth New Yeshiva Opens in Moscow

                  29.08.2017, Community Life

                  In addition to three active Yeshivas in Moscow, this week an additional new Yeshiva opened its doors in the ‘Jewish village’ of Malachovka in Moscow’s suburbs. The sounds of Torah proudly resounds in Russia’s capital.

                  This new Yeshiva – part of the educational renaissance led by the Chief Rabbi of Russia, Rabbi Berel Lazar, for Jewish children and youth throughout the country – joins the three successfully functioning Yeshivas in Moscow. It will open its doors in Moscow’s suburbs in the small town Malachovka, of Jewish fame, with a dedicated and experienced faculty under the Rosh Yeshiva, Rabbi Moshe Lerman.

                  The Yeshiva promises to give an individualized and unique learning program geared mainly to graduates of Jewish schools throughout Russia.